Adopt Txirivuelta

About Txirivuelta

Code: Bp_222
Sex: –
First sighting: 25 of April 2021
Total number of sightings: 3

Txirivuelta has a chevron with a triangular tip and a “D” shape at the tip.

The dorsal fin of this whale is triangular and regular without any significant notches although the whale has two small white markings behind the dorsal fin.

A bit of history

Txirivuelta has been sighted foraging and feeding off the coast of Garraf for three almost consecutive days in the month of April 2022. This whale has been sighted alone and with other whales around. This whale was given the name Txirivuelta because of its behaviour. It is an animal that, while swimming and eating, made many turns and rapid movements, which is why it was given this name.

Adopt her

Upon adoption we will send you an adoption certificate together with the individual’s file.

During the adoption period you will be notified of new sightings of the individual and you will be sent the annual report with the main results and highlights of the project.

Adoption fee:

50 euros per year

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