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Support our project by adopting one of our whales sighted off the Catalan coast during the Proyecto Rorqual marine campaigns. Adopt it for one or two years and receive an information sheet on the adopted animal as well as updates on the Rorqual Project and future sightings of the adopted animal throughout the adoption period.

Name: Harry

Code: Bp_083
First sighting: 04 May 2016
Total number of sightings: 3
More informationAdopt him!

Name: Axe

Code: Bp_165
First sighting: 25 March 2021
Total number of sightings: 5
More informationAdopt him!

Name: Cavatappi

Code: Bp_181
First sighting: 17 April 2021
Total number of sightings: 2
More informationAdopt her!

Name: Txirivuelta

Code: Bp_222
First sighting: 26 April 2022
Total number of sightings: 3
More informationAdopt her!

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T-shirts with the design of the artist Pamen Almagro

Pamen Almagro travels around the world painting and searching for the sensations of nature in its pure state. She captures its sinuous forms, its colours, its light, its incredible complexity, as well as its simplicity and perfect harmony.

On his travels to other countries he interacts with local artists in the framework of the joint project Art in Movement and Research of the Fin Whale Project of the non-profit association EDMAKTUB, dedicated to the research and protection of cetaceans and especially of the fin whale.

With them he painted the gennaker of the research catamaran, so that his art is constantly in motion, the sail of the catamaran being its symbol of identity. In this way the art reaches sailing, research and is surrounded by its source of inspiration, nature. This year 2023 he is collaborating, without profit, with this association by designing some T-shirts with his conscience picture, which will be launched soon to raise funds for the research and protection of these incredible whales that pass by the Spanish Mediterranean coast every year.

Women's black T-shirt


Women's white T-shirt


Men's black T-shirt


Selection of tattoos in collaboration with the Random Street Tattoo studio

By getting one of the Project’s tattoos at Random Street Tattoo Studio you collaborate with the Fin Whale Project

Videos and Images

Get our drone videos and our best pictures

Fin whale swimming close to the surface in a clear, transparent sea.

Fin whale swimming close to the surface, opening its mouth to feed vertically very close to the surface.

Fin whale swimming close to the surface with three dolphins playing on its head. The fin whale accelerates to feed near the surface and the dolphins run away and once the fin whale has closed its mouth the dolphins swim back to the head of the fin whale.

Fin whale swimming close to the surface and speeding up to eat at the surface. As it goes to eat, a red spot can be seen, it is krill jumping out of the whale’s mouth, trying to escape. This feeding dynamic is observed twice more in the video, which ends with a close-up of the whale’s last breath.

Fin whale swimming at the surface and feeding near the surface on two occasions. The water is transparent and allows to see perfectly the dynamics of acceleration, how it opens its mouth and how it filters the water afterwards.

Three fin whales swimming side by side near the surface. The whale on the right opens and closes its mouth, partially filling the dewlap.