Adopt Harry

About Harry

Code: Bp_083
Sex: –
First time sighted: 04 of May 2016
Total number of sightings: 3

Its name comes from the zig-zag shape of the chevron, reminiscent of the scar from the character Harry Potter.

It is an animal with a triangular dorsal fin with a rounded tip and a small notch at the base of the fin.

A bit of history

Harry has been a whale that we have always observed with a travelling behaviour. He was alone the first time he was sighted in 2016. In 2017, however, he was sighted with other whales around him. During one of the sightings in 2017 the animal could be observed with striped dolphins playing on Harry’s head while the whale was travelling.

Adopt Harry

Upon adoption, we will send you an adoption certificate together with the individual’s file.

During the adoption period, you will be notified of new sightings of the individual and you will receive an annual report with the main results and highlights of the project.

Adoption price:

50 euros per year

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