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About Clover

Code: Bp_045
Sex: female
First sighting: 25 May 2014
Total number of sightings: 11

Its name comes from the pigmentation pattern on its head, the chevron, which resembles the shape of a clover. Hence the name Clover.

It has a pointed dorsal fin with a rather characteristic tip. The first years it was sighted it had no notch, but in 2021 one appeared on the upper posterior part of the fin.

A bit of her history

Clover has been sighted in 5 seasons of Project Rorqual. In 2022 it was sighted 4 days over two weeks in April. It is an animal that has been sighted alone and also in the company of other individuals, in these group sightings it has always been sighted with different individuals.

Adopt her

When you adopt it, we will send you an adoption certificate together with the individual’s file.

During the adoption period you will be notified of new sightings of the individual and you will be sent the annual report with the main results and highlights of the project.

Adoption fee:

euros per year

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