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About Bruixa

Code: Bp_005
Sex: male
First sighting: 10 September 2011
Total number of sightings: 28

Its name comes from the shape of the fin, which from the first moment reminded us of a witch’s hat. “Bruixa” is witch in Catalan.

It has a chevron, a pigmentation pattern on the top of the head that is not very visible, with a characteristic white spot in the central part of the back, just behind the chevron.

A bit of his history

Bruixa was one of the first animals sighted by the scientific team of the EDMAKTUB association before starting the Fin Whale Project. Since then, it has been sighted every season except in 2019 and the current 2023, making it the most sighted animal in the history of the Fin Whale Project. It is usually found in the company of other individuals, although it usually goes with different individuals in each of the sightings.

Adopt him

When you adopt it, we will send you an adoption certificate together with the individual’s file.

During the adoption period you will be notified of new sightings of the individual and you will be sent the annual report with the main results and highlights of the project.

Adoption fee:

euros per year

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